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My stomach is Rumbling…


It is in the middle of the night, I woke up. I rarely wake up in the night. Usually I have deep sweet sleep. I dream a lot, perhaps 3, 4 dreams a night plus a bonus if I snooze the alarm. I like to think that drooling is a sign of enjoying sleep. My sister sleep talks sometimes, my mum says, as for me, I am normally too dead asleep to hear anything. She is also a deep sleeper like me and my dad. My mum is the only light sleeper in our family. The rest of us are in the same WhatsApp group. 

I love to sleep, perhaps because I consider it like an escape. My sister likes to say that I can sleep a whole day even if I slept through the entire night. Some people say they get tired of sleeping. That can’t be me. Then I remember the verse that says a little slumber, a little sleep, a little folding of the arms……go search for the rest of the verse. 

They say that when you become a mother, you loose deep sleep, waiting to see how this will be. One day.

Also just being a dreamer means I also do get nightmares and bad dreams, the kind in which you wake up sweating and breathing heavily. When this happens I wake up to pray, maybe sometimes record the dreams on audio or type them out on my phone. 

Today or rather yesterday I felt quite tired and I slept earlier than usual. I had actually set the alarm to wake me up after an hour, because I have lots of school work that needs my attention. That was the plan until I hit the dismiss button on my alarm when it rang. I slept on. A dream woke me up. This was a weird dream. It was a dream of being in a plane that almost looked like a big helicopter, The funny thing is that this helicopter would go picking and dropping off people like a vehicle.

Very strange yes. And every time the pilot would stop then come and open the door and a wind would be rushing in disturbing us then I kept thinking to myself and perhaps somebody said it aloud as well, this is an aeroplane, you can’t be opening doors like that. At some point I even think we had a conductor, yes in the plane. Both the pilot and conductor were very safe. We eventually arrived to our destination but I think it took too much time. But they promised that they fly every Friday and that they would be bringing me fresh supplies from home every time they came. In the dream I knew I was abroad. 

I have had very many dreams, some seem so true, some are very symbolic and some come to make sense much later. Even as I write this, I pray to God to open my eyes and ears to what He is communicating to me. 

I have woken up, well I woke up like 2 hours ago and I have been sitting here wondering if this is what insomnia feels like. It is quiet. Perhaps everyone is asleep or maybe they are on their beds with their eyes open just like me at this time. I like the stillness though. There isn’t much darkness perhaps because it is very lit outside. This is how it is in students’ residences. I can see my entire room.

There are 2 mosquitoes buzzing around me, every time I try to catch them I miss, they annoy me too much at this point. I have vowed not to open my window ever again, still wondering how I am going to get fresh air in here. Did I mention that it is now beginning to warm up and summer is simple unbearable for me, I could have winter one thousand times. 

My stomach  is rumbling and I think it is creepy to be struggling to find food to eat at night. It has been rumbling and I have been ignoring it. I fed it before I slept, I don’t get why it is acting up now. I have already given it a talk that it can’t control me, I will do what I want and I will only feed ti when I want to. I am the one in charge not it.

My mind seems to be cooperating with this ‘punishment’ that we have bestowed upon the stomach. I think the two have some underlying unresolved issues but at the moment, I am using that to my advantage. I would need to deworm though, real soon, this rumbling is not normal. For now all I want is my sweet sleep back. I can’t keep up with these night shenanigans.

Proverbs 3:24

When you lie down, you will not be afraid;
when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. (NIV)

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