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Letter to my 30 year old self.

30 year old self
30 year old self

Welcome to the views on the third floor!

1. God is Sovereign and at the Center of it all.

Remember how worried you were about life? Finances, Career, marriage, family, if you really heard God clearly?

Do you see that all things work for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose? Now you know that your provider is God. He has supplied to all your needs according to His riches in Glory. He hasn’t let your cup run dry, He has been present through the thin and thick and He has let His goodness unfold right?

You are beginning to see some of the puzzles fit in, and it is just the beginning, God is a promise keeper, He remembers all you prayer requests, He was not asleep. Isn’t it good to give thanks in everything? You are now seeing how 1+1=2. Look at how interesting your life has become because of Jesus.

See all the peace, joy and love. It is not because life got easier, you got tougher and understood that Jesus is always fighting on your side. I hope you are no longer a spiritual baby, rather you have grown and are an adult in the things of God.

Perhaps some aspects have not turned out as you imagined. Nonetheless, I am still amazed at how God knows our entire life and chooses to reveal it to us in bits. Yet in our short-sightedness we sometimes become ungrateful and dissatisfied when really we should let go and let Him. Care free kind of style.

2. Your were created for many different purposes.

Remember when you were so focused on one ultimate goal but discovered that there are other purposes to be fulfilled along the way, loving people, helping the poor, praying for the sick, praying for your friends to know Christ, studying, experiencing student life once more, travelling, doing a Bible study, encouraging and fellowshipping with other believers.

These small wins created momentum and fulfillment for you too. As you pursue bigger goals, remember to pat yourself on the back for the small wins. Remembering that God’s thoughts and ways are not yours, His are actually bigger, better and magnificent.

3. Do not chase after marriage.

Marriage comes to you at the right time and at God’s ordained time. The nervousness of securing a life partner was exhausting.
There are two sides of this, maybe you are now married or not, but Has God stopped being God? Rest and trust in His timing. If you are single continue enjoying this single space. A time is coming when you will sure miss it, or not. Learn to let it be, if and when the right person comes you won’t need to ask any questions. It will be crystal clear.

Perhaps you are now married and thinking to yourself, why was I worried all along? Is this what was making me so nervous? Anyway I hope your significant other is indeed a good person and that the two of you complement each other. If I can guess right, you are now worried about school fees, house helps and you sometimes crave a break to enjoy your ‘you time’.

4. The Hardwork and Consistency was worth it.

As you look at the stuff you have created ,the brand you have created, your career, success and failures, all the hard, smart work you put in, I am sure it is worth popping champagne for. The sacrifices you have been making are worth it. You also understand that there is nothing like overnight success.

Believing in yourself, having God’s favor and guidance, seizing timely opportunities all worked together to place you where you are now. Be grateful. Keep remembering that nothing good comes out of laziness, we must put in the work and energy. Even God worked and rested too. I am proud of you for having found a great balance. You work hard and you also enjoy the fruits, see how all rounded you are! Such a blessing to everyone around you. Indeed, the joy is always in the journey.

5. We are all created for Relationships.

I hope you are still honoring your parents and communicating with them as often as possible. I hope your relationship with your siblings and friends has weathered the storms of the late 20’s. I hope you have been able to touch, help and put a smile on other people.

Before you get ahead of yourself, remember it is God who has put that love in your heart. Remember the days you used to complain about your personality, you being too loving, caring and putting other people’s needs first? Now you see why that personality was necessary? God knows the end from the beginning. He is the source and He created you exactly as He needed you to be.

This new level is going to be mind blowing in all aspects. It is going to be a birthing floor of God’s promises.

Moving forward in this Decade,
Rest and Trust in the Lord, Love Him with all your heart, Soul and mind and love those around you as you love yourself.

Remember you are only a passerby on this earth and you may as well paint it with your true self.


Your 25 year old self.

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