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God’s Masterpiece


God’s masterpiece.
Wonderfully and fearfully made.

The function of man is to live,
Not to exist.
Let not the past weigh you down.
Spend not sleepless nights,
Probing into the mystery of the future.

Embrace today;
A perfect present from your creator to you,
Sulk not over your flaws,
Or imperfections.

You need not a flat tummy,
Neither a voluptuous figure,
You need not filters to be on fleek,
A six pack isn’t the ultimate goal,
You are work in progress;

Get up,
Put on that special dress you have been keeping,
Dress like is the last day of your life,
Go to the park,
Smile at, to,
And with people.

Take a walk in the woods,
Smell the damp soil,
Listen to the overwhelming heart beat of the nature,
Feed your soul.
Look and see how butterflies-nature’s fragrance-fly around,

Prance into that high end restaurant
And order that sandwich, that burger,
Tear down that chicken,
Like a terrible love letter.
Because your God is a calorie burner.

Take each day at a time,
Use the time in your hands,
And waste not your days,
Trying to prolong them,
You have got this,
Make it worth it,
It’s a Good Life.

Written by Kitaa.

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