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How to become someone’s Secret Santa in a pandemic

Secret Santa
Secret Santa

Are you wondering how you could be someone’s Secret Santa in the midst of a pandemic? The pandemic has not only caught most of us unawares but also emptied most of our financial reserves.

It has been a bumpy, mucky, muddy, dusty ride all combined.

For some of us, our smart money goals have become a fantasy.

COVID-19 has been a pain financially, from taking pay cuts, to slow business to losing jobs entirely. I believe we have all sorts of stories regards COVID-19 even if it goes like ‘COVID-19 never really affected me’. It is still a story, a positive one for that matter.

I am a lover of gifting people, why? Because I simply want to see people happy, surprised and having a smile that runs across their entire face, isn’t that so cute?

I hope that at some point in your life you have put a smile on someone’s face, one that is this wide. It may have been their reassurance of God’s love.

Gifts, what gifts can we offer this season with empty pockets and uncertain tomorrows?

A job may be good but what happens when you are also a job seeker? A business may be perfect but where is the idea let alone the capital?
A neckpiece may be good but is it what that person needs at the moment?
A laptop may be good, but can you afford to buy one at the moment?

Well, there is something that you can do that requires zero finances just a moment of your time. Secret Santa prayer. You could go on your knees to pray for someone in this season. Why? Because God holds everything. He is the one that opens the heavens and send us jobs, business ideas, networks and breakthroughs.

It may be secret Santa or nonsecret Santa in that you ask the person what they would like to be prayed for. I ain’t tripping. I think this is the best way to not only overcome what 2020 was but also to usher in 2021.

Let’s learn to pray for each other. Remember how we commonly say that if it were not for our mother’s prayers, we do not know where we would be. Why don’t we say Father’s btw? Anyway,
Now that our moms prayed for us, do we pray for them too?
Do you know that some people are orphans, who is praying over them?
All good and perfect gifts come from the Lord. Let’s help each other pray for these perfect gifts in jobs, marriages, relationships, finances and salvation.

This could be the biggest Santa present ever in 2021.
No money involved

I don't think you can overdo praying for others.
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