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Pain refines and redefines


Eva Ndanu

Ever felt tangible pain?

Pain that cuts a swathe through.
Pain that is real.
Pain that eats your smile and charm.
Pain that fills you with anger.
Pain that bulldozes your composure.

Pain that threatens your identity.
Pain that comes with its relatives.
The pain that hospitals can’t treat.
Pain that even your dreams know of.
Pain that makes you curse this world.

Every part of you attests to this pain.
Pain that breaks and squeezes.
Pain that drowns.
Ugly pain.

The pain that wets your eyes.
Pain that isolates.
Pain that depresses.
Pain that stings.
Pain that is incomprehensible.

Pain that suffocates.
Pain that reminds you of your mortality.
Pain that makes you question divinity.
Pain that unmasks your emptiness.

Pain that clouds your judgement.
Pain that buries alive.
Pain only known to oneself.
Lingering pain.

Pain refines and redefines.


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