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Is Transition really difficult?


We have all moved from one level to another if we are growing. Ahem! transition is hard.

Well, I don’t know if I am a good writer but let me try this. Life after school is the hardest, we all have the expectations that after attaining good grades life will be easy because you have the certificates. You have attained your diploma, degree or masters. School is done, you have goals and dreams to achieve, and time doesn’t stop to wait for you. Job hunting is the hardest, you are broke and you have to move from one place to another, hoping for the best. You have spent time and money moving and it’s not a guarantee that you will get the job. Do you know this feeling? If you don’t, maybe one day you will understand.

You also have the urge to earn money to be able to support your parents/guardians. You can be lucky and get a job, but beginnings are difficult. You move to a new place where you know no one, you need to adjust to the place and there some areas with many hardships. You conquer them because you need the money and the experience and furthermore you want to advance in your career.

Moreover, At the end of the month, some employers have the tendency of failing to pay their employees or they begin to give excuses, yet you have done your work perfectly and even worked overtime. After some few months of struggling, you decide to quit the job and you are also stranded not knowing where to get the next job. On top of it all, you are back to job hunting again which is very hard. Yet again you need to give yourself hope because at the end of the day bills won’t pay themselves.

You also lose a lot of friends in this journey because most of them go back to their homes or villages. Some of them you can maintain the relationship but some, due to the distance and their own struggles you lose them not because they are fake friends, on the contrary. Now, you just miss hanging out with people that know you and understand you and love you. You must make new friends you don’t know how long you would stay in your working area so you also don’t know how long you will stay together with your new friends. You are hoping to make good friends like the ones you had or have. Yes, indeed transition is hard.

Despite all that you are going through, life doesn’t stop, you are looking forward to settling, in terms of family and you hope to have healthy relationships/friendships. You also must be there for your loved ones too (family) and at the same time, you want to grow and establish yourself. This is quite difficult to balance.

People are also growing each day; they are also transiting from being a child to an adult. Being a child is the best thing ever with no or little pressure that is manageable in most cases. When you become an adult, you have responsibilities, you need to make most of the decisions on your own and that’s when you realize that people can go on an empty stomach, that people can be broke, that you can be educated but suffer financially.

On top of this, you also face different challenges, betrayals, some happy moments too and struggles. You learn that life is full of ups and downs and that you don’t need to have everything in order. Adulthood is full of uncertainties, you break down most of the times but you have to move on. I think we are not really prepared for adulthood properly. People should be told the reality of being an adult.

Some people also get married, they are transiting. There is that pressure that your mates are getting married or are marrying! Take your time, everyone has their own timing. Marriage is also scary you don’t know how it will go but you hope for the best. In life you don’t know what will unfold in the future, you simply wait for the outcome.

So, this goes to everyone who is transitioning; It’s normal to have the challenges, it’s normal to have the ups and downs but we can’t afford to give up. You need to adjust to the challenges and situations and look for solutions. Think outside the box, you don’t have to be employed by someone else you can be self-employed, try out different things in life don’t fix your mind to what you have studied for and be open minded. Giving up shouldn’t be an option.

Thanks momma, dad and my sister you are the reason I keep going.

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By Winfred 



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