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Where was God? (Part 2)


Her mother took a look at her; and through her intent eyes she could judge that Blessings was beside herself and hopeless. Eventually their eyes met, plight written all over Blessings’ mother’s face. Blessings glared and glowered. She tightened her grip on the noose and made as if to give way from the granite stone she stood on. A lizard that was basking in the sun a stone away,cringed back and coiled back into its habitat. It didn’t have the courage to be a witness.

Tears glistened at the corners of her mother’s eyes. Her chest moved upwards and outwards as if demanding to get out of her body. She took in a deep breath and let go of the noose as she heaved out. She stood slouched and drooped like a weak plant under the scorching sun as her mother climbed down the tree.

“Come with me, daughter. All is well.” her mother assured as they slithered back home.

Isn’t some vengeance in order? Of course it is. In fact, God cares about justice more than we do. As I said. He will repay. But you are fearing that the perpetrator will slip into the night, unknown and unpunished. Escape to Romania and sip a smoothie at the Black Sea beach.

Vengeance is God’s. He will repay — whether ultimately on the Day of Judgement or intermediately in this life.God will get through this and execute justice on behalf of truth and fairness. Because He is a fair and just God. Long after we have moved on, God is still there, perusing and probing the pages of the conscience, stirring conviction, always orchestrating redemption. Fix your offenders? That’s God’s job.

Forgive your offenders? Ah, that’s where you and I chip in. We forgive.

“Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!” 

This din cutting through the air was not from a group of Jews at a palace square shouting at Pilate to crucify an infamous culprit. These were angry voices of neighbors from Blessings’ village. The culprit had been put into custody by the police and the angry mothers wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine but they couldn’t because the typesetter of their constitution apparently had omitted that part. Law had to take course. Justice was at the edge of a precipice, ready to be served.

I have the feeling that God has rolled up His sleeves and is doing something now. I can’t wait to see what He serves this ‘monster’.

The air in the court became tense, filled with muted silence. Audible silence. The defendant stood in a dock on the right hand of the judge. Guilty as charged. Blessings stood on the left side. Her mother looked at her. She tried to read her daughter’s face but her blank expressions did not reveal much. All the same, deep in her heart, she was happy with the rule of law. Blessings gazed at the old walls and the decrepit ceiling, which was badly in need of repair. There were several yawning gaps left by the missing block boards. She then leveled her eyes at the man who took away her innocence. She then moved her eyes to the judge.

To be Continued……

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