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In the Beauty of the Universe


As I look out of my window, something beautiful is happening, It is a full moon night! It is a mustard-yellow beautiful full moon. I am privileged to be on the fifth floor of the block, which is the highest one and from here I can clearly see the magnificent moon. I choose to count this sight as a Blessing. 

This block in which I stay in has no lift. It therefore goes without saying the pain of going up the stairs. And that is nothing compared to the pain you go through while moving in to the 5th floor with no lift. It is summer where I am and as you can guess it really does get hot on the top most floors. Either way I choose to focus on the beautiful moon. 

I am on the side of the block from which the moon rises. This means I get to enjoy it fully before it gets late and sleep kicks in. There are also beautiful stars around the moon. Have you ever star-watched? You should try it! Get lost in the universe, get lost in God’s wonderful creation and forget your worries. Look at how big and vast everything is. See the beauty and perfection that is in the universe. This can not have been only by chance or a Big Bang theory! It’s too precise, too perfect and yet we still ask ourselves why we are in this universe.

I have gotten worried sick about so many things in my life. I have cried and been in anguish over things that seem small now but at that time they brought me to my knees. Found myself in helpless situations. One of my dear friends drew me an illustration of things that are in my control and things that are out of my control. I studied wanting it to bring me clarity and certainty but then I tripped and fell back to the worry. 

Now that I am looking out of the window with this perfect moon and stars around, I can’t help but think about God. And how Magnificent and Powerful He is.

I am also thinking about how many times I have made him small in my life. How many times I have boxed Him up in my head. Uncountable times that I thought I could rely on my own understanding and gifting and getting caught in the ‘I need to use the head that God gave me.’ But still not fully embracing that it was given to me. I didn’t need to work for it, none of it. It was handed to me. I didn’t choose where to be born, when or to whom to be born to. All these things God had long decided before hand what would be best for me. 

God who created this magnificent moon and stars and perfect universe. Imagine that’s my father. He can also be your father if you allow Him. Imagine how grand God is. I am ashamed of the many times I have doubted, times I have worried, times that I did things I wasn’t supposed to do. Yet He, Creator of all the universe, takes His time to know me, to invite me and clothe me with His righteousness, to love on me even with my shortcomings.

This night I am grateful! I am grateful that I see a beautiful moon and dazzling stars and that I have the best view from here. 

I am also Grateful that God is able to see us, hear us and care for us. He gives us a Hope and a Future. He truly makes me lie down in green pastures and restores my Soul.

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