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Reroute me

Reroute me

I look back, reminiscing……………

Thinking about life, particularly what is the meaning of mine?

Decisions are inevitable, yet they are not my thing!

Free will, what is free will when I can only see as far as now, not even knowing what the next second holds.

How could I possibly know what’s best for me with this sort of “limitation”.

Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.

Human am I, limited.

What should I chose then and in what order?

Do I really have this power and I am just downplaying it?

Or is it that we all have a defined path, like my dad likes to put it,

“God knows your end, beginning and in between,

There is a journey already set out for you.”

How do I know if I am on that journey?  

Where am I currently and where am I going?

Yet again, all things work for good. I am consoled. 

Google maps reroutes us when we make mistakes.

I like to think that our maker reroutes us when we are missing the mark.

And, Don’t ask me how. 

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