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Because Silence Is Beautiful


What’s up? How are you? How’s school? How’s work? The world is just obsessed with dead talk- as Swedes call it. It’s just a lame talk meant to go nowhere. I would hang myself before a random person tells me, “It’s nice weather today, isn’t it?” Apparently, tiny talk is actually big, it’s the topics which are small.

It’s human’s behaviour to sweat the silence with these small topics disregarding the fact that silence does not always have to be filled. If you can show the other person that you’re comfortable in silence, then they will be too and it won’t be awkward. It’s okay to be in a lift with a stranger and not talk to them because my soul won’t leave my body trying to say “hi” to someone new. I relax. I summon inner peace and composure. They too are under the same pressure as you are. 

Small talk has never been a cup of tea for introverts who have had to discover escape routes from it. Here are some three of them that they have mastered:

1. Arriving late or just on time. 

Be it at work place, seminars, conferences or workshops, getting  these guests on time. This denies  colleagues the chance to ask you how your night was. They said it was all dark and you were asleep and so you didn’t have the chance to witness how right it was. You will also not have to smile for no reason during a small talk. Lucky you, you will also sit at the back; offering you the chance to always leave the room as quickly as possible once the event is done. 

2. Fake a  phone call and disappear or Go to the Bathroom.

Well, first of all, you should not have gone to that party. You had flaked out on your friends but they dragged you to it anyway. And now you are draining off from the socialising hubbub and the short-response questions being darted to you are beginning to suffocate you. Do yourself a favour. Excuse yourself to the bathroom. Go, sit on the toilet and enjoy your peace. Make your time well spent by even watching some good memes and thank me later.

3. Snudge _ Look busy.

The act of looking busy while doing absolutely nothing it’s an effective escape route if well mastered. I cannot recall the number of times I put on headphones which are not plugged in to any source just to block people off. You are walking down the street and you spot your former highschool mate. Make a ‘phone call’. Stare to a shop’s window. Put on your ear/headphones. People can feel the energy and are able to read the body language and they will spare you a breath.

Effects of smalltalk ‘attacks’ could be mitigated if smalltalk lovers approached with big and interesting topics. Topics like: what was the last article/book you read? Mine was X. Talk about business and the attractions in the area. Tell random facts like, “Did you know that a chicken can remember 100 different human faces?”

When all these tactics fail, introverted usually do the following when punched with small topics:

  • They attempt to relax and meditate
  • They attack first by asking the questions
  • They ask follow up questions
  • They ask open-ended questions
  • They avoid short response questions

Bonus Tip:

Remember to wear a mask. You won’t have to pretend to smile anymore during cold talks. Also don’t forget to repeat the last three words the other person says (when necessary).And voila! A modern problem solved with a modern solution!

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