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On the Search 2…..

On the Search 2.....

He has the best ride of his life because Kenya is a beautiful country. He sees the mountains, the hills the valleys the rivers the lakes, the Animals, Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebras, Deer, a free safari He tells me. He had the best and yes it was all free. 

They get to Nairobi. He gets off and goes to Stanley. Stanley hotel. He enters gets a seat and right at that moment he notices a girl. Drum rolls please. Young, blonde, green eyes and perfect body. I thought he would at least fall in love with an African girl, after falling in love with the African continent. Oops, his eyes were set on the blonde girl. He saw, appreciated but didn’t have the courage to go right up, he just sat there admiring. 

The guy in search of something suddenly doesn’t have the balls to approach a lady. This gender is truly something else I tell you. 

The Stanley had a club in the basement then. Night time he decides to go have some drinks. He steps into the club and guess who is right Infront of him? Yes our blonde and green eyes girl. This time the girl is coming up to him. Should he flee? As if the universe is conspiring, slow music begins to play and the girl asks to dance with him. Slow dance means touch and closeness. I wonder what other confirmation he required to shoot his shot. 

Anyway, Slow dance and slow music it is. 

The girl bends in to tell him something, she doesn’t say “I like you! I like how you are holding me!” she says, “Jesus loves you and He can come live inside your heart if you let him in.”

Come on now Jesus! This is not the right moment or space. Really? He was caught off-guard but he remembered what he had asked God in that forest when he was wailing in pitch darkness.

At this moment though, in the presence of this blonde girl, he wasn’t thinking about Jesus or God for that matter. The girl told him she was 19 and he was 21.

She later introduced him to his family and they went to Lamu together. He took her with him on his adventures after that. Traveling did they travel. He took her to Paris as well to meet his family. He was still agonizing though, he wasn’t satisfied, he still had questions about this Jesus that his girl was talking about. He hadn’t bought into it. He was still unsettled. 

He continued to travel and one day while he was back in Paris, he had a dentist appointment. He was in the waiting room. He had already parted ways with our green eyed girl, sadly. A thought came to his mind as he was waiting, what if he asked Jesus to come into his heart?
If He is true or not he would have nothing to lose.


At night, he decided to make the prayer, “Jesus I invite you into my heart, come in.”
He didn’t see any Angels, shooting stars, light from heaven, He didn’t feel any tingling effect, no drama. It was just a simple prayer he says. At this point he is getting emotional and has started to shed tears.

This is the second time an old man is crying while we are conversing. It makes me uncomfortable and throws me off balance. Where I come from men don’t cry much, expect in funerals where they may shed a tear and occassionalywhen they are drunk. Yet here I am again Infront of a man sobbing and I don’t know how to comfort them. 

I quickly shift the trajectory of the conversation because I don’t want to see tears, I am a cry baby myself.

The following morning he went and bought a New Testament Bible, he started with Mathew, when he was at Chapter 5, 6, 7 he began to sob. He had found what his soul was longing for. The answers he didn’t have were right in front of him. Him, a former atheist was sobbing because of words in the Bible. 

Him, a hippy, given to smoking, drinking, drugs and anything you can imagine. A dirty, selfish, egoistic atheist. God wanted him and loved him. He just couldn’t fathom the weight. Washed clean of all his sins just like that and now he was experiencing peace he had never experienced before. It all seemed like a dream. This was all what he was searching for. 

That is how he started His walk with God. One day he wanted to go to a new place but didn’t know where. He prayed asking God where He wanted Him to go and continue with his life. Then one of his friends reached out and said, “Would you like to come to Romania? There is a house, we are willing to put up 1month rent for you then you will figure out from there.”

An answered prayer it was, and off he went. In Romania he met the love of his life with whom they have been married for 25 years now. They have a son 18years old and they run an organization that involves children.

My morning run was epic because of my meeting with this man. Did I mention he gave me a very warm hug and told me that Christ was there with us as we were conversing , where two or three are gathered, God is there with them. He told me ‘I love you and God loves you.’

I truly wouldn’t have wished for a better morning.

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